Bel Air Foods is a community institution that sells groceries.  Founded in 1952, we believe in serving the needs of all our stakeholders – our consumers, our neighbors, our vendors and our employees – with the highest quality products and unmatched customer service.

Our Beliefs

We believe in Community.   Our store exists to serve the needs of those people who live in our neighborhood and who share our love for local foods, natural products, and gourmet experiences.   We always will strive to create a retail experience that makes Bel Air Foods a great place to shop and to deliver interesting and valuable services that make Bel Air a great place to live.

We believe in Discovery.  Bel Air Foods appreciates the singular magic that takes place when you breathe a delicious new scent or feel the tingle of an unexpected flavor on your tongue.  Our staff will strive to allow our customers to meet the local entrepreneurs and nearby farmers who provide our products.  We will cultivate a dynamic environment that makes it interesting to be

We believe in Convenience.  Bel Air Foods has cultivated a reputation as a place to find that item that you need in a pinch.  We always will attempt to offer the ease of a full-service shopping experience without the hassle or rush of congested freeways, corporate parking or long lines.  And, if we don’t have what you need, let us know.  Its our goal to ensure that Bel Air Foods always provides what you need.

We believe in Integrity.  Bel Air Foods understands that our business will thrive only if we treat all our stakeholders – our customers, our employees, our vendors and our neighbors – with dignity and respect.  We will abide by the Golden Rule and aspire to find interesting and unique ways to support ethical businesses that also see their success linked to their long-term commitment to their community.