Bel Air Foods chefs will prepare a gourmet meal with the highest quality ingredients for your holiday party.  For Thanksgiving we prepared over 30 meals and have catered parties of 80 and above.

Full service catering can also be provided in your home as well as delivery.

Reserve your meal now: call 310-472-5010 and ask for catering department
or email:

Holiday Menu

Deluxe Sandwich Platter                      $49

A colorful assortment of Boar’s Head signature sandwiches including ham, turkey, salami, and roast beef  (serves 10-12)

Fresh Fruit Platter                           $29

A scrumptious display of fresh sliced seasonal fruit, paired with a mint yogurt dip

(serves 10-15)

International Cheese and Cracker             $39

A variety of Boar’s Head cheeses and gourmet crackers (serves 10-12)

Boar’s Head Assorted Cold Cuts              $39

Sliced Ham, Turkey, Salami and Roast Beef slices on a bed of lettuce and tomatoes  (serves 10-15)

Antipasto Platter                             $39

Fresh ensemble of cherry tomatoes, olives, ham, and cheese (serves 10-15)

Wrap Platter                                   $45

Assorted sandwiches with Boar’s Head signature ham, turkey, salami and roast beef sandwiches wrapped in corn tortillas (serves 10-15)

Cozy Baked Brie                              $21.99

Puff pastry with melted cheese and strawberry filling (serves 10-12)

Cookie Platter                               $9.99

Mini Cupcakes Platter                       $9.99

Please advise us regarding any allergies or dietary restrictions.

Easy Feast Menu

Flavored and Marinated Entrees:   prices upon request

– Brisket

– Honey Glazed Ham with Pineapples

– Marinated Roast Beef       

– Steak/Filet Mignon

– Short Ribs

– Roasted Pork


– Chopped Liver Pate

– Fish-Herring

Vegetarian Complements:    $12.99 (1/2 Tray)

– Steamed Asparagus

– Green Beans with Almonds

– Honey Baby Carrots

– Roasted Vegetables

– Arugula and Fennel Salad topped with Pomegranate Seeds

Specialty Potatoes:        $14.99 (1/2 Tray)

– Roasted Potatoes

– Old Fashioned Mashed Potatoes

– Sweet Mashed Potatoes

– Basil and Garlic Mashed Potatoes

– Sauces and Relish 

Relishes and Sauces:

– Cranberry Relish               $9.99 (1/2 Pint)

– Mint Chutney                 $11.99 (1/2 Pint)


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