Bel Air Foods is among the oldest institutions in the Bel Air community of Los Angeles.  The business originally was established in 1952 by E. Steinkamp.  Located in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains overlooking the Roscomare Valley, the store stood out as the only large-scale commercial presence in the area.

In 1954, the business was purchased by Ed Spear, a local entrepreneur with a sound understanding of the supermarket business.  Under his leadership, Bel Air Foods emerged as a vital center of the neighborhood.  The Spear family faithfully served the residents for 40 years, cultivating a well-deserved reputation as a full service grocery store but, perhaps more importantly, as a community institution.

In 1994, Bel Air Foods was purchased by Shawn Naraeda.  The Naredya family managed the store for almost 17 years.  In early 2011, the business was sold to its current ownership who saw an opportunity to build upon the unique heritage of Bel Air Foods and to take the company in new directions, inspired by our consumers and their extraordinary loyalty to the business.

Bel Air Foods was re-launched in June 2011.