How To Choose The Perfect Christmas Tree

Step 1: Location! Location! Location!   Your Christmas Tree will be the center ofClick to view full size imageyour festivities and family gatherings, so choose an ideal location where it will be housed for the coming weeks.  Find an ideal location, perhaps the room with the highest ceiling or next to a cozy fireplace.

Step 2: Measure the Area:  Once you have chosen the ideal location for your tree, measure both the ceiling height and the with of the area where it will be placed.  Be sure to bring these measurements with you! If you are placing the tree in a tree stand, measure the width of your stand for proper potting.

Step 3:  Bring the Right Tools:   If you’re shopping like a pro, then you must prepare like one.  The most important tool to remember is your location measurement from Step 2.  Get a pair of heavy gloves and bring your own tape measure for assessing the trees that you’ll be considering.  The real enthusiasts will also bring along an unbreakable ornament to test the slope and strength of branches. Lastly,  if you are transporting the tree on top of your vehicle, bring a soft blanket to avoid scratches and damage.

Step 4: Shop Locally from a SERF-Certified Vendor:  SERF-Certified Christmas Trees are grown on sustainable farms in the Pacific Northwest inspected by the Washington and Oregon Departments of Agriculture. With the labor-intensive methods used on Christmas tree farms, SERF certified farms provide local rural economies with dependable year-round green jobs, providing employee training, proper sanitation, and documented worker safety measures.

Shopping locally from a neighborhood vendor can also reduce the stress on the tree during the transportation and it will reduce your own carbon footprint!  VISIT BEL AIR FOODS MARKET FOR SERF-CERTIFIED TREES!

Step 5: Choosing the Perfect Tree:  Most of us experience a love-at-first-sight moment when we see and smell the right tree.  Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to be methodical about your choice.  Keep in mind that because of their shorter needles, it is easier to decorate trees such as Fraser and Noble Fir.   For heavier ornaments, look for trees with heavier branches.  Test your unbreakable ornament on random branches to ensure a perfectly vertical hanging.

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