Meet Justin Crane

Our General Manager, Justin Crane 

joined the Bel Air Foods family in May.  Justin brings over 20 years of supermarket experience including 10 years in store management at Whole Foods.  Versed in store leadership all over the state, this California native refers to himself as a “family man.”  Born and raised in San Fernando Valley, Justin is happily married and a father of two.

Justin’s vision for Bel Air Foods Market is to create a “great little grocery store where people can do all their shopping.”  To that end, he’s working to improve the shopping experience by increasing the selection of both natural and conventional products across the board.
A wine, aficionado, Justin has already doubled the variety of wines offered at the store.  Stop by and ask him about wine pairings or his favorite new additions, and you’ll be blown away by his knowledge and passion!
Justin believes that Bel Air Foods Market is the logical destination for neighborhood shoppers who want to save time, money and gasoline.  Rather taking a 10 mile roundtrip to the Valley or the Westside, our customers can frequent their friendly neighborhood market and escape the hassle.
Justin loves his customers, this community and the opportunity to be part of a family-run business.  He perks up when customers ask for him by name or relay a special request to him.
We welcome Justin Crane to Bel Air Foods Market and hope that you will do so too.
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