Facts about Fathers’ Day

  1. Father’s day was introduced by SonoraDodd in Spokane, Washington. She wanted to honor her widowed father William Smart who took care of his six children in the civil War.
  2. More than 110 million greeting cards are sent throughout the world which is kind of less than the one sent on mother’s day. 50% of the cards are purchased for fathers, 20% for husbands and the remaining for Grandfathers or some people who served the dad role in people’s life.
  3.  The first father day was announced and celebrated on 19th June, 1910 in the same city where it was originated i.e. Spokane, Washington.
  4. Tie is the most traditional and famous father’s day gift throughout the globe.
  5.  Greeting Cards are the no. 1 purchase on Father’s day and almost 92% of the cards are purchased by women.
  6.  Father’s day is celebrated at different times around the world like in Thailand it is on 5th December, in Argentina it was tried to celebrate on 24th August just because of the honor of Jose’ de San Martin who worked a lot for the South American countries in getting independence from Spain, in Australia the father’s day is observed on the first Sunday of September and there are many other countries around the globe who celebrate it on different times.
  7.  Father’s day was first supported by the President Calvin Coolidge in 1924 and the day i.e. the 3rd Sunday of June was decided byPresident Lyndon Johnson in 1966.
  8. Father’s day is the fourth most popular card sending holiday in the world after Christmas, Valentine’s day and Mother’s day.
  9.  It is said that people spend almost half the money on father’s day as they spend on mother’s day, just because father’s day presents are easy to buy and are more affordable where as Mothers usually get happy with jewels and expensive stuff.
  10.  Most of the greeting cards given to fathers on father’s day are humorous. Because it is said that that “Humor” is a safe and typically best language to express your love and emotion when it comes to DAD.

courtesy of www.tiptoptens.com.

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