Bel Air Foods Movie Night!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Do you remember when you and the family could go

catch a movie outdoors? I’m not talking about watching a film on the same device that you make phone calls with. I’m talking big screen and good food while leaning on your elbow on your favorite blanket surrounded by your favorite people on a warm, beautiful Los Angeles night.

Well this nostalgia-ridden scenario of the past just became an anticipated event set for the near future. I am of course talking about our Bel Air Foods Movie Nights Friday September 16th and Friday September 23rd.

On the 16th, everyone’s favorite toys, Woody and Buzz

Lightyear, will pay us a visit. We will be showing the action-packed, family-favorite Toy Story 3 in the first night of the Bel Air Foods Film Festival.  On the 23rd  the adventurous, lovable chameleon, Rango, will join the fun in our showing of Jonny Depp’s animated film Rango. 

The movies will be amazing, but the best part of the night won’t be what you will be watching, but instead what you will be eating! We have an all-star cast of delicious meals to make this an award winning night! Check out our “Script” on our flyer (right), make your selection, and pre-order your food right here on our website!

So mark your calendars people! Bel Air Foods is bringing back good old-fashioned fun for the whole family at our first annual Movie Night. See you there!

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